IGLA Advanced Automotive Anti Theft System
IGLA Advanced Automotive Anti Theft System

IGLA Advanced Automotive Anti Theft System

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What is IGLA
​IGLA is a unique device to protect any car or truck against theft, including relay attack, OBD II hacking, key cloning, and carjacking. The device is undetectable for any theft devices and scanners since it doesn't show itself until you get authorized via PIN code, smartphone, or key fob.
What is a Relay Attack
​A relay attack happens when a car thief uses specialized electronic equipment to sniff out and amplify the communication signals used by your car and its fob. The goal is to pick up the signal from a key fob, amplify it, and transmit it over a distance to another device located near the car or truck that mimics its key. In this way, thieves bridge the proximity gap to trick your car into thinking its fob is just a foot or two away — even at a great distance.
A relay attack can be carried out in your driveway, perhaps by sniffing out a signal from the key fob inside your front door. In other cases, a thief may follow you into a shopping mall to pick up the key signal from your pocket, transmitting it to an accomplice that’s waiting near your car for the unlock.
How Does IGLA Work
​Its innovation lies in ingenious engine-start blocking technology and how difficult it is for thieves to locate - it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. The unlocking of the vehicle is carried out via key fob proximity, and then either a smartphone command or by entering a "PIN code" using the vehicle's various buttons.
How Secure is IGLA
The IGLA module cannot be detected by known methods. IGLA does not give out its presence in the car until the engine is turned on. In addition, thanks to its compact dimensions, the device can be installed almost anywhere in the car. IGLA is an intelligent new approach to protecting any new or used vehicle.
  • Double Authorization: The proximity of a key fob to your vehicle, then by PIN code using a smartphone or using your vehicle's buttons
  • Intellectual interlocks
  • Anti-Hijack mode with safe engine muffling
  • Anti Hijack mode with safe engine shut off
  • Available comfort functions
  • No monthly fees
  • Preservation of the dealer warranty

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