Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions by our clients

An automotive broker is someone who works on your behalf to help you purchase a vehicle. They are like any broker in that they can offer you the best option for your budget and specific needs because they have access to a variety of different vendors.

We eliminate the entire time consuming, frustrating and overwhelming process of purchasing a new vehicle by taking care of the whole process. Similar to how an insurance broker would help, there is no cost to you except the purchase of the car or truck.

Yes, you can. We can help you with any questions you may have about trade-ins or leased vehicles.

That is dependent on your timeline and also what is available currently in the market.

Since we have relationships with dealerships throughout Ontario, we can facilitate purchases faster than someone who walks into a dealership for the first time. We also locate and secure vehicles (sometimes able to purchase cars) for people that are not easy to get.

We do not purchase used vehicles on your behalf; we only offer new vehicle services.

Yes, we can help you with all your fleet and commercial vehicle needs as well.

The Money Questions

No, we invoice the dealer, and we get paid a referral fee by the dealership for our services. There are no hidden costs associated with our services.

Most dealerships have a quota of cars that they need to move by the end of a specific date. Our service is helpful in this way to dealers, and as such, they gladly pay us a referral fee.

We do not accept money from clients to pay for their vehicles, you pay the manufacturer directly. The only money we ever take is a deposit to secure the vehicle which goes directly to the dealership that has the vehicle.

Yes, we take care of all the paperwork involved in your new car purchase.

Yes, all factory to dealer incentives, special offers, rebates, employee pricing and cash back programs provided by the manufacturer still apply when you use our services.

Yes, just like buying a vehicle through a dealership you are covered by the same warranties offered.