On the look-out for a new car and thinking about a hybrid? They have certainly come a long way over the last few years, and there are quite a few options out there. Most automakers now have at least one hybrid available in their lineup, and they have some great benefits over traditional cars. Today we will count down the top three reasons you should consider a hybrid vehicle in 2019.

1. Fuel efficient

Hybrid cars use up to 30-60% less gas which makes them very fuel efficient and can save you tons of money in fuel over time. They are also amazing for city drivers, getting better fuel efficiency in the city than on the highway.

2. Environmentally friendly

According to Natural Resources Canada, when hybrids are operating in electric-only mode, they emit no CO2 or other emissions. When they are not, the average hybrid-electric car sees CO2 reductions of 20 to 40% over gasoline-only vehicles! It’s not hard to see why environmentalists love these cars.

3. Great resale value

Are you looking to make some dough off the sale of your hybrid? Hybrids are a type of car that tends to hold their resale value very well. So, if you are planning on purchasing another car a few years down the road, it might be a good reason to invest in one.

Some of the top-rated hybrids in Canada include:

  • The Toyota Prius – Seen in the engine pictured above. One of the most popular hybrids since their initial creation is the Prius.
  • The Ford Fusion – A sporty, powerful and spacious hybrid option
  • The Honda Accord – Spacious and equipped with sensing technology
  • The Audi R8 – A luxurious, sleek and sophisticated hybrid
  • The Kia Optima – Perfect for money conscious families looking into a hybrid

On our next blog post, we will discuss the top three cons to hybrid cars. Own a hybrid and want to weigh in on the conversation? Feel free to leave a comment below.