Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar.

One day a woman, let’s call her Emily, walks into a dealership. She wants to purchase a vehicle. As a high earning professional, she has the means to buy the car she wants. Talking with a sales-person, she starts to chat about her wants and needs. Eventually after looking at a few cars, going for some test drives and chatting some more she settles on a vehicle.

Everything is fine until the salesperson starts asking more financial questions and if there will be someone joining them to co-sign for the purchase. Emily is now fuming. The insinuation is that she can not afford the vehicle on her own and that she needs someone else to complete the purchase. It is also clear that they felt she wouldn’t be able to decide on her own without her husbands, “approval.”

She decides right then and there to cancel the sale and walks out of the dealership after spending more than two hours with the salesperson.

It might be 2019, but unfortunately, this scenario happens way too often.

How is an experience with an automotive broker different?

You can be a man, woman, purple or an alien. We don’t offer any judgment when it comes to purchasing a vehicle with us. If getting a new car is something that is on your to-do list, we can save you not only time and money but the stereotypical nonsense as well. If you are a busy mother, executive, commuter or business owner let us take the stress off the table.

We make car buying easy – getting a car to you within a week

It is also a sale that happens quickly and easily, no need to spend hours at dealerships. All an auto broker needs after getting the specifics about what car or other vehicles you are looking for is a credit application filled out, a copy of your driver’s license, insurance a void cheque, and a deposit. Usually, within a week you get your new vehicle, and it’s delivered right to your door without stepping foot into a dealership and potentially into an unwelcome situation.

So, what if you truly can’t afford a new car?

We always want to help out every client the best we can. We work with you in regards to your current financial situation and sometimes, though it might take a while for the perfect car to come around we can make car buying a reality in cases where finances are an issue.

Other benefits when finances are tight

You also won’t have to deal with the standard length and time-consuming process of going through a dealership only to find out after a minimum of two to three hours that you don’t qualify OR that you do qualify but with an extremely high-interest rate. Do your research, get in touch with an automotive broker and see what options are available to you. Save yourself, time, money and stress.